Cottage Gardens - Jet Washing

Cottage Gardens - Jet WashingCottage Gardens - Jet Washing

At Cottage Gardens we use top-quality pressure washing equipment which operates at 250 bar and 13 LPM (litres per minute) flow, it is vastly superior to domestic pressure washers, which means we can complete the job faster and to a better standard to save you time and money. Unlike domestic pressure washers we can control the force and flow - cleaning your driveway or paving safely.

When jet washing block paving our machines are specially designed to remove the top 10mm of sand from the joints, this top 10mm of sand is the dirty contaminated sand where the weeds grow from. After cleaning we will top the joints back up with kiln dried sand, which is sterile and will resist re-growth for a reasonable period of time.

What we can clean:

  Slabbed paths/areas
  Brickwork (up to 2 metres high)

Friendly and reliable service at affordable prices